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A HEALTHIER SELF IMAGE, A HEALTHIER BODY: Severe health conditions can be greatly reduced, reversed or avoided by significant and maintained weight loss. A smaller dress or pant size can lessen your chance of developing chronic and often life threatening health conditions. Check out our seminars, or call and schedule your appointment today. CLICK TO LEARN MORE >
Emory Clark-Holder Clinic BMI chart and calculator BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fat and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems. Click to check yours.
Emory Clark-Holder Clinic weight loss seminar schedule Dr. Ferguson’s Seminars are FREE and held several times monthly. Reservations are requested. Click to find a date, time and location.
Emory Clark-Holder Clinic patient resources and weight loss planning Click for important information and answers to frequently asked questions, weight and health facts, updated seminar and support groups.
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