Preparing For Surgery

Choosing to have weight loss surgery is a life-long commitment to making lifestyle changes. You must consider both the benefits and the possible risks and complications before deciding surgery is the right path to weight loss for you.

The first step is to attend a free information session. This educational session provides the information you need to be informed such as weight loss surgery options, benefits, risks and financial options. You can complete the initial patient information packet at the seminar and schedule your first appointment with the surgeon and discuss your medical history, weight loss options and further pre-op requirements medical tests as needed.

 The following information is considered essential for your success:

  • Existing health conditions
  • Age
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Ability to handle significant lifestyle changes
  • Smoking history
  • Non-surgical attempts at weight loss
  • Willingness to commit to a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Patient’s mental preparedness for surgery
  • Properly educated on the benefits, risks and lifestyle changes associated with bariatric surgery

Helpful Diet and Nutrition Before Surgery: